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IDM Family Games Centre
IDM Family Games Centre
IDM Family Game Centre

IDM Family Games Centre

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Every industry has its own specific jargon and terminology, and the amusement industry is no exception. You've probably been to one at least once in your life, but maybe you've never heard the term family entertainment center. Family entertainment centers (FEC) strives to maximize family fun and provide new and diverse activities for everyone to enjoy. FECs include an incredible wide range of entertainment options including climbing walls, arcade games, mini golf, free fall rides, ropes courses, laser tag, and more. With the classic FEC fun and games as well as new developments in the entertainment equipment industry, family entertainment centers are better than ever before.
Aside from being a fun and exciting way for you and your family to spend the day together, a family entertainment center is a small scale amusement park marketed toward families with small children or teenagers. The wide range of games and activities provide entertainment for all ages and leave every member of the family with a fun and thrilling experience. Mini golf, arcade games, and thrill rides are some of the most popular activities found throughout the FEC industry.
Family entertainment centers, sometimes called family fun centers, have been around for decades. The first family fun centers gained popularity in the early 1970's as arcades and miniature golf facilities, and quickly spread across the nation. As time went on, these facilities continued to expand and gain more activities, games, and new innovations. Today, nearly every FEC still includes arcades and mini golf courses however many new FEC activities have entered the scene. As the industry continues to grow, FEC games and equipment will continue to become more inclusive and diverse.

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